Sunday, December 17, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Dec 17

1997 Iraq banned UN weapons inspectors from presidential and sovereign sites
1999 UN Res 1284 created UNMOVIC as new Iraq WMD inspection regime
1999 UN Res 1284 got rid of export oil quotas and eased import restrictions under Oil
            for Food Program
2001 Incoming Sec of State Powell said sanctions on Iraq should continue because it
            still had WMD
2001 Iraqi defector Haideri provided by INC told CIA Iraq had secret WMD labs He
            later failed lie detector test and story proved false
2001 Czech Intel said story of 9/11 hijacker Atta meeting with Iraqi intel in Prague
didn't happen
2001 White House said anthrax attacks in U.S. came from domestic sources not Iraq
2002 Powell hinted that US would reject Iraq’s weapons declaration to UN inspectors
2002 US inspected warehouse in Benin where uranium headed for Iraq allegedly
            stored but found nothing
2002 CIA said that Iraq did not include trying to buy uranium from Niger in its
            declaration to UN inspectors
2003 Report Sunday Telegraph story that 9/11 hijacker Atta travelled to Baghdad in
            01 was probably false
2004 Bush briefed by DIA that insurgency was robust and strong and could lead to
            civil war without reconciliation
2007 Report Abu Omar al-Baghdadi was a fake played by actor and Masri real leader
            of ISI Story was false
2011 Baghdad Ops Command announced arrest warrant for VP Hashemi on terrorism
2014 Peshmerga began offensive to break IS siege of Mount Sinjar 

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Security In Iraq, Dec 8-14, 2017

Violence remained extremely low during the second week of December. There were just 56 incidents reported in the media. That was the 18th full week with fewer than 100 incidents.

This Day In Iraqi History – Dec 16

1922 UK Lord of the Admiralty told Iraq commission Iraq oil would be important
            in case of war in Far East
1925 League of Nations set Turkey-Iraq border with Mosul province going to
1995 King Hussein offered to sponsor talks amongst Iraqi opposition parties
1998 UN inspectors left Iraq over non-cooperation
1998 US and UK start Operation Desert Fox after Iraq broke off cooperation with UN weapons
inspectors Ended Iraqs plans to revive WMD programs
1998 Assessment by Intl Atomic Energy Agency Iraq had not produced a
            nuclear bomb before Gulf War
1998 Intl Atomic Energy Agency Iraq had only produced a few grams of
            weapons grade nuclear material before Gulf War
1998 Intl Atomic Energy Agency Iraq didnt have capability to produce nuclear
material because of inspections
2003 Blair said it would take time to find Iraq’s WMD
2003 France and Germany agreed to US request to forgive part of $120 bil debt Iraq
            owed them
2004 Major Shiite parties agreed to United Iraqi Alliance for 2005 elections
2004 US Iraq cmdr Gen Casey US needed to train Iraqi forces and create effective Iraqi
            intelligence services
2007 Iraq took control of Basra province from British
2012 Iraqiya boycotted parliament and cabinet to protest Maliki putting tanks outside
the homes of Mutlaq Issawi and Hashemi in Green Zone
2013 Maliki appointed Parliamentary Affairs Minister Safi from State of Law as
            acting Finance Minister

Friday, December 15, 2017

Kurds, Islamic State? Who Are The New Insurgent Group In Iraq?

Hashd units are moving towards Salahaddin’s Tuz Kharmato in preparation to launch an offensive against a new insurgent group that is called various names such as the White Flags/Banners, the Liberation Army, and others. This group is shrouded in mystery as reports claim that it is everything from Kurds upset at the federal government to former Islamic State fighters.

This Day In Iraqi History – Dec 15

1940 Foreign Minister Said wrote memo to PM Gaylani and Regent that Iraq had to
            back England and US during WW2
1957 Abdul-Wahab Mirjan became premier of Iraq
1981 Iraq said it was ready to end war if Iran recognized borders Iran rejected offer
1990 Saddam told officials that US started war against Iraq in 1986 when it sold
            weapons to Iran in Iran-Contra Affair
1998 UN weapons inspector chief Butler said Iraq had not lived up to promise of
2003 Report Al Qaeda was going to divert fighters and funds from Afghanistan to Iraq
2005 Iraq held elections for a permanent parliament Some insurgent groups provided
            security to make sure Sunnis could vote
2005 Secular candidate in Basra said afraid Shiite religious parties would use their
            militias and police to carry out fraud during election
2005 Police in Najaf drove through city calling on people to vote for the United Iraqi
2006 Bush told Maliki to accept Surge as way to bring down violence Maliki said
            he would announce it next day Didn't
2006 US intel said Maliki against Surge Said he didn't like US forces and didn’t
            want more of them in Iraq
2011 U.S. announced withdrawal of its forces from Iraq
2011 ISF deployed outside homes of VP Hashemi, Rafi Issawi and Salah al-Mutlaq
            in Green Zone on orders of PM Maliki

Thursday, December 14, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Dec 14

1927 Agreement made over new Anglo-Iraq Treaty Wasn’t signed due to
            Iraqi complaints
1983 State Dept memo said that major setback for Iraq would be strategic
            defeat for West
2002 Iraqi opposition meeting in London Came up with 65 member committee but
            marked by general disunity
2002 Pentagon report on postwar Iraq warned that US could win the war and
            lose the peace
2002 Pentagon report warned there would be no Iraqi govt after invasion so there would be chaos in
2002 Pentagon report warned that U.S. was only planning for war and not postwar Iraq
2002 Pentagon report said Iraq’s economy was a wreck, and that U.S. should not dismiss military
            or carry out extensive deBaathification because could fracture Iraq
2003 Bremer announced US had captured Saddam
2005 Bush admitted that U.S. used faulty intelligence on Iraq but said war still justified
            to remove Saddam
2005 Kurdistan Islamic Union candidate said KDP was attacking party for
            withdrawing from Kurdish list
2008 During signing ceremony for SOFA in Baghdad reporter threw his shoes at
            Bush and Maliki

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Iraq’s Unfinished Jazeera Operation

The Iraqi forces had just re-started the sweep through the Jazeera desert of Anbar and Syria when Prime Minister Haidar Abadi announced victory over the Islamic State. Unfortunately, the premiers declaration took precedent, and the operation was never completed undermining Abadis claim.

This Day In Iraq History – Dec 13

1916 New British offensive launched up Tigris River to retake Kut from Ottomans
2002 UK intel report said U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq could help motivate
            Islamists for next 5 years
2002 Bush said military would have small pox vaccinations Was actually protection
            against possible Iraq WMD attack during invasion
2003 U.S. forces captured Saddam outside Tikrit in Adwar
2003 Fmr Iraqi intelligence officer denied he met 9/11 hijacker Atta in Vienna in 2001
2004 PM Allawi blamed CPA disbanding military for rise in violence in Iraq
2004 Allawi govt claimed 9/11 hijacker Atta was trained by Abu Nidal in Baghdad in
            2001 Proved false
2005 NSC drafted 10 guidelines for putting together new permanent Iraqi govt
            Included competent ministers not connected to Iran or Syria
2005 Border police seized Iranian tanker truck full of fake ballots for Dec election Driver
            claimed other trucks had come across from Iran with ballots
2005 US negotiated ceasefire started with insurgents before Dec 15 parliamentary
2006 Joint Chiefs objected to Surge idea in meeting with Pres Bush Said needed
            troops for other threats like NKorea
2006 Bush told Joint Chiefs he was going to have a troop Surge despite their

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Displacement Crisis In Iraq, When Will People Go Home?

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) recently released two reports detailing the continued displacement crisis in Iraq. The IOM is the major organization dealing with this issue in conjunction with the United Nations and the Iraqi government. Since the end of 2016, thousands of people started returning to their homes. Those remaining however, are facing a series of difficulties that may keep them from going back for the foreseeable future.